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Tesello Monitoring System

Pushing IPTV playout technology while simplifying the management of IP streaming and user control

Adopting a unique modular-based approach, we provide a fully scalable system to start your own or expand your current IPTV business.


Monitor multiple channels simultaneously on one mosaic-layout screen.

Completely user configurable, along with options for VU Meter, Stream Loss Detection, Custom Labeling, and much more.


The new Tesello play out system is, we believe, the simplest mosaic system on the market today.


Tesello is a system which is software driven and is fully adaptable to meet client s individual requirements.  You can arrange the display to your own configurations, whether you want it to step through each channel in 5, 10, 15 or 30 seconds, you are in control.

What makes Tesello different?

There are many monitoring systems on the market today.  These all include hard ware and a display pre-empted by the designer or manufacturer.  Tesello is different, you can scale the system to suit your needs as your company grows and expands which means you have total control.  With an easy to use control panel you can select the number of channels you wish to monitor, you can also adjust the frequency of it skipping through your videos. Due to the nature of Tesello you can even customise it yourself with your own company logo and even insert a time clock (this is a standard feature) which can be digital or analogue, your preference.

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Tesello Dual Input View