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Full 1080p HD at 1.3Mbps

CTU Systems have developed a fork of the excellent HEVC video compression standard and can now provide software to enable IPTV providers to stream 1080p HD at an amazing 1.3Mbps, 720p HD at 900Kbps, standard definition at 500Kbps and low definition at an astonishing 250Kbps!

Why is this important?

This major advancement in compression technology opens up vast geographical areas to the IPTV service provider industry, as well as the mobile viewing markets.

Areas where broadband speeds are relatively slow are now able to receive high visual quality programming via an Internet connection as low as 250Kbps.

In addition, for mobile users all over the globe, this opens up new possibilities in HD viewing.  With 1080p HD available at just 1.3Mbps, full HD programming over 3G and 4G is now a reality.

To find out more about how our HEVC system could benefit you, read our case studies.

The technology is available to IPTV services providers on a license basis, please call us on +44 (0)203 368 3081

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We thought we’d take the opportunity to demonstrate just how efficient our HEVC compression technology really is.

Take a look at the video below of a live football match streaming effortlessly on an iPad using the plane’s on-board WiFi!