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Pushing IPTV playout technology while simplifying the management of IP streaming and user control

Adopting a unique modular-based approach, we provide a fully scalable system to start your own or expand your current IPTV business.


CTU Systems designs and delivers IPTV solutions for broadcasters to replace traditional analogue-only coaxial/RF based systems.

We understand that the current delivery of video over coaxial cable was certainly a very robust solution. CTU Systems with our Eludo play out system can design a highly specialised IP video solution that, in addition to the flexibility, scalability and high video quality of IP, provides the resilience and high reliability that was previously only achievable with RF.

For some broadcast customers, it may be desirable to build a IP system, all that is required is number of IP set-top boxes. Not only can we deliver both off-air and studio feeds to a mixture of IP set-top boxes and DVB-T/C end-points such as Freeview TV sets, we can also transport a large number of channels at high quality including HD video our IPTV systems.  This along with our HEVC / H.265 compression system allows you to receiver HD pictures using only 1.5 Mbps download and standard TV pictures as low as 250 Kbps.

A typical IP-based solution will take feeds from:

  • Off-air unencrypted HD/SD – DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 TV gateways etc.
  • Off-air encrypted HD/SD – Satellite TV and other broadcasters’ IRDs
  • Multi-views – SDI encoders
  • Local studio/monitoring feeds – SDI encoders
  • Local high definition feeds – HD/3G-SDI encoders
  • Local IP streams – MPEG-2/MPEG-4 streams
  • HD 1080p at under 1.5 Mbps
  • 720 p at 850 Kbps
  • Standard TV pictures from at only 250 Kbps
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