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Custom Designed Software

Pushing IPTV playout technology while simplifying the management of IP streaming and user control

Adopting a unique modular-based approach, we provide a fully scalable system to start your own or expand your current IPTV business.

Custom Designed Software

Designed for a perfect fit

To us, creating custom designed software means creating an experience that is a perfect fit for your every day business life.

Developing custom designed software is an intimate process that requires real communication on top of a cutting-edge technical knowledge-pool. Our team get to know your business, and you. We learn how you and your team work day-to-day, at the same time often identifying bottlenecks or other areas where for example, automated processes would be beneficial.

CTU Systems also develops Gaming, Satellite, Automotive and IPTV streaming software for the IPTV supply industry. Our software is in use in countless pieces of technology across the globe.

Our clients usually find that working with us in this way actually streamlines their business, bringing to light areas of improvement that would have never been identified.

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